The Finale : Zagreb to the coast, via the Velebit mountains

The Finale

Ride 50 - 15/8/17 -
Zagreb to Novi Vinodolski
Adopted by a Croatian family, and finally, seeing the sea...

118 miles 2,100m ascent
Sonia & I said our final goodbyes at 0630, then I headed off, following a route I had plotted pre-trip.

The warm rays of late dawn glistened across the land, & I travelled down quiet country roads, edging closer to the distant hills.

The downside to this rural route was that I could find nowhere for a toilet stop (bush was not ideal for this type of toilet requirement..) - two shops refused/ said there were none. Finally at 40ish miles I found a cafe by diverting to a town. Yes!

I was also frequently running out of water. On one of these occasions, I thought I was nearing a large place, so aimed for it. It was a holy day for the Catholic people, so hoards of locals took to this street; I questioned many about a cafe or somewhere to get water, & eventually a very lovely lady took me into her home! She spoke little english, but grabbed her…

Budapest to Zagreb - the final country!!

Budapest to Zagreb - the final country!!


We found this city to be beautiful & historic, with a distinctly eastern feel, yet brimming with tourists, particularly those seeking an active nightlife with cheap drinks.

We slept, ate vegan treats, & ran errands related to the bikes/logistics.

Like in Vienna, as a quick way to see & learn about the city we partook in a walking tour. We learnt things about the Austro-Hungarian empire which linked with our stop in Vienna.

The beautiful brightly coloured tiles roofing of the Vienese Cathedral were also present on a church here, & we were told also in Zagreb.

We made friends with Robin (Netherlands) and Ander (Basque country), who accompanied us in our (ahem Sonia's) craziness after the tour. Which was Hungarian dress shopping by the way, in H&M...

It's brilliant to meet & chat to such free spirited people, who are always open to new experiences.

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